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This campaign is set in the Dragon Empires, specifically in the far flung colony of Amanandar.  The Legacy of Taldor remains, in the walled mountainside city of New Oppara.  Outside of New Oppara, clamoring masses of Tien peasants covet a life inside the city.  Citizens there enjoy a life of comfort and security, but the population is strictly controlled by General Audrya Vannisar and her General Staff.  Outside the walls, and in the countryside beyond, comfort and security are more precious.  Amanandar is an exotic setting with ties to two worlds- the majestic Dragon Empires with a legacy as a Successor State of Imperial Lung Wa, and as a colony from the old crumbling empire of Taldor.  Despite the distance Amanandar is from the far off Inner Sea, there are forces within Taldor who have designs on the distant colony.

This campaign will make use of Ultimate Intrigue rules (Influence, Verbal Duels, Research), though the rules themselves will hopefully enhance the game- not dominate it.  There will be plenty of adventure and magic to be found, with all of it beginning against the backdrop of the colony of Amanandar.  Players are strongly encouraged to be human (Tian-Shu or Taldan being the overwhelming majority), one of the core races from the Inner Sea, or one of the core races from Tian Xia (Kitsune, Tengu, Nagaji, Wayang, Samsaran).  Other races should be approved by the GM prior to creation.

The campaign is currently being developed, and the regular schedule has not been determined yet.  We will try to work together once we have a small group established to set up a game schedule.  This is a pretty casual game in terms of frequency of play.  We will be using the fast track for xp progression, and likely playing once per month once we get started with additional XP for journal/story logs tracking our story from your character's perspective in between sessions.  We are currently looking for two players.  The type of players we hope to find would enjoy both the intrigue of a Game of Thrones style plot, while still wanting to spend some time in dungeons or fighting off all manner of threats.  Character development will be an important part of this game, so we are far more interested in how your character might fit into our game world and story than in the class/race/feats/abilities.  

The campaign begins in the Taldan settlement of Haven, outside the walls of the capital of New Oppara.  There has been a peasant revolt of Tian-Shu farmers and laborers, and the Baron and his son were slain.  Dignitaries from the capital and elsewhere are converging in Haven to pay their respects, and your character will find himself/herself in the center of this tension and political uncertainty.  

An overview of Amanandar from the Dragon Primer Player's Guide:
"The hill forts that litter Amanandar stand as relics of savage wars between the Successor States. Formerly the city-state of Kamikobu, the trade haven suffered terribly in the downfall of Lung Wa, falling prey to the bandit lords of the surrounding nations.  The city was helpless against the depredations of competing powers, but when General Orphyrea Amanandar- a Taldan military leader heading the nation's Eighth Army of Exploration- sailed her fleet into the Sea of Ghosts and marched her troops through Shenmen and into the city, her force proved powerful enough to protect Kamikobu and restore peace to the land.  The general was made the Governor of the city as a reward for her efforts, and under her hand, the settlement expanded into a full-fledged nation-state, its cities and farmlands now home to Taldans and Tian-Shus alike who live in relative harmony.  General Amanandar renamed the city New Oppara and gave the surrounding lands her own family name.

Amanandar remains a colonial nation built on the pursuit of peace and prosperity, and its government enforces strict discipline.  Every citizen of Amanandar must serve in the nation's military for a minimum of 5 years between the ages of 16 and 45 (the years need not be consecutive), and thus Amanandarans make highly formidable mercenaries and caravan guards.  The difficulty in obtaining citizenship in the strictly population-controlled city of New Oppara drives would-be citizens out of the nation-state as well as drawing in new ones hoping to make their fortunes there."

Legacy of Taldor

olderaven4 New oppara governor s palace